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What is Rewards"R"Us?

Rewards"R"Us is a program designed to reward our best customers for the purchases they make at Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us. To find out more about this program and its benefits, click here.

Enroll in the Rewards"R"Us Program
Customers of Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us can enroll in the Rewards"R"Us program either in-store or online by clicking the Rewards"R"Us link at the top of the page or clicking here.
Additionally, all "R"Us Credit Card holders are automatically Rewards "R"Us members.

What is the cost to join Rewards"R"Us?
Joining Rewards"R"Us is absolutely FREE!


Earn Reward Credits with Every Purchase

How do I receive reward points for my purchases?
Use your Rewards"R"Us membership card every time you shop in an "R"Us store or online at an "R"Us website to earn points towards "R"Us Reward dollars, discounts and special promotions offered only to Rewards"R"Us members. For complete terms and conditions, click here.

How to use Rewards"R"Us membership on an "R"Us website
If you don't have an "R"Us account, you can enter your Rewards "R"Us membership number on the Payment page during checkout.

If you have an "R"Us account, you'll be able to enter your Rewards"R"Us membership number on the Review page during checkout. Simply enter your 13-digit membership number into the space provided and the reward points will be applied once you click "Submit Order."

Please note: Reward points will not be visible in your Rewards"R"Us profile until the next day.

I made an online purchase without using my Rewards"R"Us membership number. What should I do?
Members may request up to six retro credits per calendar year. Please allow for 24 hours for your in-store purchase to post to your loyalty membership before requesting a retro-credit. See terms and Conditions for details. You also have the option of asking an associate to look up your account while in-store. You may also contact our Guest Service Team at 1-800-TOYSRUS (869-7787) for assistance.

I am already at checkout and want to become a Rewards"R"Us Member and receive credit for this purchase. Is this possible?
Yes it is. You will have the opportunity to enroll and receive credit for the purchase after checkout is complete. Simply click "Enroll Now" in the Rewards"R"Us section on the Receipt page.


Saving Your Membership Number

Saving your Rewards"R"Us membership number to "My Account" at and
For a faster, easier checkout, you can save your Rewards"R"Us membership number to your "R"Us online account. Simply click the "My Account" link located at the top of the "R"Us website.

Existing "R"Us Account
If you have an existing Account, please log-in. Under your personal account information, click "Enter your membership number" located in the Rewards"R"Us section and you will be re-directed to a new page. Enter your Rewards"R"Us membership number in the space provided and click "Save".

Don't have an "R"Us Account yet?
If you do not currently have a registered "R"Us account, we invite you to create and receive the same speedy online checkout as our existing Account Members. To get started, simply click "My Account." You'll also be given the opportunity to create an account when placing an order during checkout.

Can I update the membership number in "My Account" if I accidentally entered it incorrectly?
You can easily update an incorrectly entered Rewards"R"Us membership number by accessing your "My Account" page and clicking the update link next to the incorrect number that has been saved to your account.

What if I'm receiving a message that my Rewards"R"Us Membership Number is already associated with another online Account?
We're sorry, but a Rewards"R"Us membership number can only be saved to one "My Account" profile. However, you can manually enter your membership number during checkout to receive credit for all of your online purchases.


Invalid Membership Number

If you receive an error message when setting up your Rewards"R"Us information in "My Account" or using your Rewards"R"Us number during checkout, please check the number on the back of your Rewards"R" Us membership card or the back of your "R"Us Credit Card to make sure you have entered the 13-digit number correctly and click "Save". If you continue to receive an error message, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-TOYS R US. Remember that you can always follow the steps explained above to receive "retro-credit" for your purchases if you are unable to enter your membership number at the time of checkout.


Forgot Your Number?

Where can I find my Rewards"R"Us membership number?
Your 13-digit member ID can be found on the back of your Rewards "R" Us membership card or the back of your "R" Us Credit Card.

I would like to earn rewards for my current purchase but I have forgotten my Rewards"R"Us Membership Number and do not have my membership card at this time.
No problem. You can look up your Rewards"R"Us membership number by clicking the link "Forgot my number" located next to any space we have provided for entering your membership number (i.e. My Account, Check Out). You will be asked to verify your email address, last name, zip code and the answer to the secret question provided at time of online account set-up/registration. Once verified, an email containing your membership number will be sent to the email address of record.


Lost Card

What should I do if I've lost my card?
You can still receive reward credit for your purchases; just print a temporary card by going to and finding the Rewards"R"Us link. After you login to Rewards"R"Us, simply click on the link "Print or request membership card". There you can print a temporary membership card and request a permanent membership card by mail.


Redeeming Rewards Online

"R" Us Reward Dollars will be issued to Rewards"R"Us members as they meet the qualifications of each of our special Rewards"R"Us offers. In order to redeem your reward certificate online, enter the online promotion code located on your "R"Us Reward dollars in the space provided during online checkout. Every promotion code is unique and sent only to the Rewards"R"Us member that has earned it. The promotion code can be used one time only. Please refer to individual "R"Us Reward dollars for exclusions and validity periods.

Can I redeem all Rewards"R"Us awards online?
Some of the rewards you receive through the program may be redeemable only in our stores. Check the specific terms & conditions of the award you want to use to see if it can be used online.

Do "R" Us Rewards Dollars certificates expire?
Yes. They must be redeemed by the expiration date printed on each certificate. Expired certificates cannot be reissued.

What do I do if I lose my reward certificates?
As long as your "R" Us Reward Dollars are still valid, you may log on to your account at to view and print your rewards. Otherwise, unfortunately, lost, stolen or expired certificates cannot be replaced.