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what to look for?

When you're out and about with baby, nothing is more important than having a safe car seat to meet your high standards. It's our priority, too. That's why every car seat you'll find at Babies"R"Us meets or exceeds all federal safety regulations. Below, we've highlighted some of the key features you'll want to look for in your car seat. No matter which car seat you choose, be sure to find one that can be installed easily, is convenient to use, and provides a comfortable, safe ride for baby.


infant car seat

infant head and body support cushions

provide superior comfort and aid in proper positioning.

no rethread harness*

for easy height adjustment.

upfront harness adjust

allows for easy, frontal adjustment of the harness system (no need to reach behind your baby).

height-adjustable base

ensures a good fit for the car seat in your vehicle.

side impact protection

shields baby's body and head, and reduces the force of an impact. Energy absorbing foam is frequently used to "build in" the protection.

5-point harness

offers a snug fit and safe restraint system with 5 points of contact: at the shoulders, hips and between the legs.

level indicators

on infant car seats assure parents that seat is properly installed.

*Not on this model.

Your baby's age, weight and height will determine which seat you need, and there are 3 types of car seats for you to choose from: infant car seat, convertible car seat and booster. You'll likely need at least two different car seats to accommodate your child's growth. Below are more details on each of the different types to help you choose what's best for your baby:

* Weights and heights vary by model. Please refer to individual car seat instruction manual for manufacturer recommendation.


car seat checklist

Use this checklist to help identify exactly what you'll need to make life on-the-go with baby even more safe, comfortable and enjoyable.



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