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Everybody's gotta eat. Some just more frequently than others. And if there's one thing your newborn's a pro at, it's letting you know when she's hungry. From lip-smacking, thumb-sucking to a full blown wail, the hunger cues will be hard to miss.

how to shop for feeding

1. breastfeed, bottle-feed or both

If you choose to breastfeed, you'll want to start by picking the right pump and accessories for your needs. Breastfeeding moms often pump and bottle-feed, which also lets dads share the experience.

2. pick a bottle type & brand

Think reusable or disposable! Reusable bottles come in glass or BPA-free plastic. Disposable options feature bottles with toss-away liners for quick & easy cleanup. As for brands, each has its own distinct features and design.

3. choose a bottle shape

Standard, wide or angled? Standard are easy to fill. Wide-shaped feel the most natural... more like mom (great if you plan to breast- & bottle-feed). Opt for angled bottles for semi-upright feeding.

4. select a size & nipple flow

Base these choices on the age & stage of your baby. 4- to 6-oz. bottles and slow-flow nipples are perfect for newborns. 8- to 9-oz. bottles and medium- to fast-flow nipples are ideal for growing appetites. Stock up on both before baby arrives.

Baby bottles...we've got them all! Use these examples of bottle type, brand and shape to help you pick the perfect one for your baby!


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feeding checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to getting the most out of feeding baby!



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