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The Perfect Baby Shower for Less

If you're planning a baby shower, (or attending a baby shower, for that matter) don't worry! There is such a thing as an affordable baby shower that's simple to plan and will still wow guests.

For Planners

Think Baby Shower Decorations, Food,
Games and Favors in One!

Consider making the shower decorations serve a dual purpose. Decorations can be "snack" foods to be eaten at the party or taken home as a favor. You can also ask everyone in attendance to bring a onesie as a small gift. Hang the different onsies around with clothespins as a great take-home decoration.

Feel free to embrace the low-budget approach for your baby shower theme. Coupon clipping can be a fun party game that results in having piles of coupons for mom to stock up on plenty of baby supplies when the time comes.

Planning to play games? Decorate with them first! If you want to have guests guess how big mom's belly is, hang different sized streamers that can be chosen as the guess.

Don't Forget the Registry

It's always good to give guests direction on what mom-to-be needs the most, and registering is a free service! Make sure to vary the type of items asked for on the registry so there is something at the right price for everyone.

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While the expectant mom may be inclined to fill her list with only lower-priced items, let her know she shouldn't be afraid to ask for a few big items, and you can encourage her friends and family to collaborate on gift-giving. They save and mom-to-be gets exactly what she needs.

For Guests

Think Outside of the Gift-Box

The gift of time may be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. Consider creating a coupon book with offers to babysit, deliver a ready-to-eat meal, and other offers so mom-to-be can postpone receiving her gifts until a time when she really needs it.

Ask other friends to go in on big ticket items to get the mom the gifts she really needs without taking on the entire burden yourself. You can maximize what mom gets without the cost.

A few simple changes to the way you think about baby showers can be the difference between a costly and well-budgeted experience. Best of all, a simpler shower reminds everyone that celebrating a happy and healthy mom and baby doesn't require a big budget.