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party planning

There are so many fun ways to celebrate a new baby. From traditional baby showers
and "sprinkles" for second-time moms to "sip & see" and "gender reveal" parties,
we've got all the details you need on how to host the perfect gathering!

A baby shower is a great way to honor a mom-to-be! Showers are typically given for first-time moms and offer a wonderful opportunity for friends and family members to gather and celebrate the baby that's on the way, and help out the new family with gifts that they'll need when baby makes three!

Sprinkle showers are becoming a popular choice for celebrating expecting moms who already have a child. Smaller in scale than a traditional baby shower, a sprinkle shower is a social occasion where guests can "sprinkle" mom with gifts that complement what she already had for baby #1.

A fun new trend you may have read about (all the celebs are doing it!) are gender reveal parties. Expectant parents, along with their friends and loved ones, discover the gender of their little-one-to-be when a specially prepared cake is sliced: pink for girls, blue for boys.

sip & see parties

Babies like to party, too! In lieu of a shower, some new parents opt to host a "sip & see" gathering after baby is born. Friends and loved ones get the chance to meet baby, and everyone enjoys a "sip" of champagne to celebrate her arrival!