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From Diaper Cakes to Cupcakes –
Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself!

Baby shower cakes are no longer limited to just desserts. Now, baby shower diaper cakes and cupcakes are the new hit item. Feeling crafty? Here's how to make these beautiful centerpieces (or gifts) on your own!

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are the new must-haves at any shower, and you can make them on your own! The "ingredients" for your diaper cake depend upon how large and decorated you plan on making yours. If you are the host and are trying to just make a beautiful centerpiece, you may want to create a simpler and more elegant diaper cake. However, if you are bringing the diaper cake as a gift you probably want to add more decorations to give the mom-to-be the items she needs.

Regardless of the purpose of your cake, you will need many diapers (60 will make a large sized three-tier cake). Keep in mind that diapers without heavy designs will have a slightly more stylish look in the final presentation. You will also need an item that is placed in the middle of the diaper cake for the diapers to be circled around. Most cakes will have something like a bottle of baby wash or rolled baby towels in the middle, but anything circular and tall enough for your cake will do.

To create the actual cake, unfold the diapers and then roll them up tightly being careful not to tear the diaper. Using clear rubber bands, secure the diapers in a circle around the item in the center. For the tiered look, do more rings on the base and less on the top.

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Once the cake is assembled, you can decorate the cake with any baby items you see fit. For a fancier cake, consider covering the rubber bands by wrapping ribbons around each tier and topping the cake with a keepsake like a ceramic baby figurine or a rattle. If you are more focused on providing the essentials, place pacifiers and toys throughout the cake. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your diaper cake, so make it your own design!

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Much like regular cupcakes, diaper cupcakes are a smaller version of the diaper cake. If you aren't ready to take on a whole cake, use the same concept to create a dozen or more cupcakes. It may be a good idea to fold the diapers in half long ways before rolling to create a shorter and wider roll than you would use for the cake. You can also wrap baby washcloths around the diapers for a little extra something. You can place toys or baby supplies on top like cupcake decorations for an added gift as well.

Whether you choose to create the diaper cake or cupcake, you will have a centerpiece or gift that wows everyone at the shower and is extremely functional as well!