Tabeo™ e2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tabeo e2?

Tabeo e2 is the next generation of Tabeo, the popular WiFi tablet for kids that launched during the 2012 holiday season. Designed by Toys“R”Us, this all-new, 8”, Android Jelly Bean 4.2 kids’ tablet is bigger, better and faster, featuring optimum performance, sharper graphics, advanced parental controls, expanded storage and so much more. The device comes complete with high-impact screen protection, keeping it safe even in small hands. The dual-facing cameras, plus the Tabeo App Store packed with thousands of free, kid-friendly applications and dozens of preloaded, premium apps, offer hours of entertainment, fun and education for children.

Available in a blue, pink or clear protective case, the Bluetooth enabled device also features an extensive system of products, including speakers, docking stations and licensed accessories, sold separately.

What apps come with Tabeo e2?

Tabeo e2 is loaded with content right out of the box. Kids and parents will enjoy dozens of premium apps preloaded on Tabeo e2, including:


  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Bejeweled 2
  • The Game of Life
  • Temple Run 2
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Spy Mouse
  • Where’s My Water?
  • Frog on Ice

Education and Creativity

  • Little Pim
  • iStoryBooks
  • Operation Math
  • Crayola DigiTools Effects
  • Paper Camera
  • Playrific


  • Cartoon Network
  • WWE
  • Paper Camera
  • My Little Pony
  • Kidobi
  • Furby BOOM!
  • Animal Planet Hide & Seek
  • Tabeoke
  • Major Magic
  • Fraggle Friends Forever

Special Needs

  • Toys“R”Us App Guide for Differently-Abled Kids
  • Swapsies – Occupations
  • PicSay – Photo Editor
  • Learning Letters for Kids
  • Cookie Dunk Jump
  • And many more!

With these apps and more preloaded onto Tabeo e2, kids will find hours of fun and learning at their fingertips. And, with parents’ help, even more games, books and content can be added to Tabeo e2 through the Tabeo App Store.

Where can I find additional apps for Tabeo e2?

Parents can find thousands of additional apps, kid-friendly books, videos and more – including thousands of free programs – through the Tabeo App Store, which can be accessed on Tabeo e2. You will need to be connected to a WiFi network in order to access the Tabeo App Store.

Is Tabeo e2 available in different colors?

Tabeo e2 is available with a blue, pink or clear protective case.

What accessories come with Tabeo e2?

Each Tabeo e2 is shipped with a blue, pink or clear protective case that has been custom-made to shield the tablet if dropped or bumped into other objects. While maintaining the device’s sleek profile, this removable hard case with rubberized siding frames the front and back of the tablet, guarding the four corners surrounding the display. Every Tabeo e2 also comes complete with one micro USB cable and one specially-designed charging pin to ensure easy connection to a computer or wall outlet for charging.

Are additional accessories available for Tabeo e2?

Dozens of Tabeo e2 accessories are available for purchase, including fun cases, docking stations, speakers and cables. Customers will also find a variety of items featuring kid-favorite characters, such as Spider-Man and The Little Mermaid.

In addition, kids will be able to transform Tabeo e2 into a full karaoke experience with Tabeoke when it launches in November. By docking Tabeo e2 to Tabeoke, kids can access preloaded and parent-approved songs and lyrics via the Tabeoke app. Each Tabeoke will include a wired microphone with two microphone jacks and speakers, echo and balance control as well as Bluetooth streaming.

What are the tech specs for Tabeo e2?

Tabeo e2 is bigger and faster than ever! You can find the specifications here.

How should I store Tabeo e2 between uses?

We suggest that you store Tabeo e2 in sleep mode.

I have questions regarding Tabeo e2. Can you help?

We have a dedicated customer service line ready to assist with any Tabeo e2 questions you may have. It can be reached at 1-888-477-0888. Tabeo e2 users can also chat with a Tabeo customer service representative directly on their device by using the customer service chat app, which comes preloaded on Tabeo e2. Users must be connected to WiFi in order to access this app’s service.

Does Tabeo e2 keep kids safe while searching online?

To help keep kids safe online, Toys“R”Us developed an upgraded suite of customizable parental controls especially for Tabeo e2. New application management tools allow adults to see when new apps are installed, block unwanted apps from running until approved and set time and date limits for specific app use. Parents can also limit children’s time online and take advantage of the unique filtering system to block up to 27 content categories and specific sites deemed inappropriate by the device administrator.

To take advantage of these controls, you’ll need to create and verify your parental account. In order to do so, simply turn the tablet on and follow the instructions on the screen to set up your account. From there, Tabeo e2 is ready to go. To protect children’s privacy and give parents appropriate control over content, a verified parental account is required to unlock Tabeo e2’s full functionality. If you don’t set up your parental account, web browsing and apps will remain locked.

Additionally, the Tabeo team reviews all apps submitted to the Tabeo App Store to ensure they are kid-friendly.

How much does Tabeo e2 cost?

Tabeo e2 is available for an MSRP of $149.99.

Where can I buy Tabeo e2 accessories?

Tabeo e2 and all related accessories are available exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at Tabeo.com.

Does Tabeo e2 have a warranty?

Tabeo e2 has a limited manufacturer’s warranty for six months from the date of purchase, and warranty information can be found inside of the Tabeo e2 box.

What ages is Tabeo e2 appropriate for?

Tabeo e2 is made was designed for kids ages 6 to 11 years.