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Things You Need for the Second Pregnancy

There are just as many reasons to celebrate a second pregnancy as the first. Throw your mom-to-be (again!) a Baby Sprinkle to congratulate her on having a second baby. Use the Baby Sprinkle as an opportunity to help mom stock up on those items she needs most when planning for a second baby.

Can you ever have too
many diapers?

Consider setting a theme to your party to make sure the mom gets those items that can be timely and costly to stay stocked up on. A "diaper and wipes party" can help mom and dad to prepare for the baby before he or she arrives. If the new baby is a different gender than older children, make sure guests know in advance so they can bring gender specific items like clothing that mom may not already have.

Depending on the age gap between the new baby and the older siblings, there may be certain items from the first baby shower that are out-of-date or no longer working. While mom may have received some big ticket items before, regulations on items like cribs and car seats change often. Make sure you look into what the current regulations are so mom knows what she needs to add to her registry for this baby. Smaller items may be nonfunctional now as well. A new diaper bag or the latest trend in mommy-essentials is also a perfect gift for the second pregnancy.

To make this game easier, pair the kids with adults to make it a bonding experience (and less scary!). Have as many rounds as you see fit.

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Don't forget about the big siblings

What's the biggest difference between a second pregnancy and the first? There is someone else involved this time! When attending a Baby Sprinkle, consider focusing your gift on the older children. What the parents may need most at this time is some help with the older sibling or siblings. A much needed gift may be an offer to babysit the older child during or after the second pregnancy to give mom a much needed break. A "big sibling kit" is also a popular Baby Sprinkle gift. Assemble a few items that the older sibling may need to welcome the new baby like a big sibling t-shirt, books to read together and coloring books for while mom is in the hospital. This gift will help mom and dad to bring their children closer together by making sure the older sibling feels they are a part of the experience.

A Baby Sprinkle is a thoughtful way to help parents celebrate the new addition to their family and receive the little things they don't have for the second baby. By focusing on the necessities, the party can be more about celebrating the joy of the new baby than the gift given.