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Baby Sprinkle Planning Ideas

If you believe all babies should be celebrated, you'll love the idea of a Baby Sprinkle. This 'lighter' version of a baby shower is planned for women expecting their second child and is a fun way to celebrate mom's second pregnancy with her friends and family.

As you begin the planning process, get your creative juices flowing with our Baby Sprinkle ideas, and find the inspiration you need to throw a party your friends won't forget.

Every Party Needs a Theme

We love starting with the theme because we know it will set the tone for your entire party. Step out of the traditional pink and blue baby shower box and try something new.

Make it Luxe:
Everyone loves being pampered, especially that experienced mom-to-be. Consider planning a spa-themed Baby Sprinkle. Set up spa stations for manicures, foot massages, facials, or makeovers. Decorate in cool greens, blues and whites to set the mood. Not only will mom feel relaxed and beautiful, but so will all of her guests.

Make it Fun:
Revisit your childhood days in an adult way with a vintage circus theme. Use peaches, pinks and corals for girls; or orange, sea-foam blues and greens for boys. Vintage animal toys, a mini popcorn machine, or creative paper decorations can really help bring this theme to life.

Make Your Party Pop:
Stay on trend with a dessert table. Filled with sweets such as cake pops, mini cupcakes, cookies, marshmallow pops, and more, dessert tables have become very popular with baby showers and are a sure way to keep your Baby Sprinkle sweet.

A Quick DIY Tip:
Displaying cake pops, marshmallow pops, or suckers can be kind of tricky. Make it simple with items you likely already have in your home. Wrap a shoe box in paper that matches your theme, poke little holes in the top to hold your pop sticks, and voila! You have a sweet pop holder.

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Bed Sheets to Table Cloths

Here's a clever idea for decorating the room and tables for the shower. Use items found in a baby nursery such as sheets, curtains, lamps and bumpers to make any space and table fun, cozy and festive. For example, if you use a jungle theme, choose sheets and curtains with an animal pattern. Use a sheet to cover a food buffet table or gift table. Curtains make a wonderfully whimsical backdrop, and crib bumpers can be used as trim around any table. Use stuffed animals, baby blocks and nursery lamps to decorate tables and as centerpieces. Best of all, after the baby shower is over, mom can take the items home to use in the new baby's nursery.

Expect Sprinkles, Not Showers

Since a Baby Sprinkle celebrates the second pregnancy (or third, or seventh), mom-to-be may already have some of the bigger ticket items to pass down. For this reason, many hosts will add a gift theme to the shower invites. For example, diapers & wipes – where guests are encouraged to bring baby diapers in varying sizes.

Gifts for the baby boy or girl:
Some Baby Sprinkles are given because the expectant parents know they are having a child of the opposite sex of their first baby. What they may need is clothes, bibs, blankets etc. for a little baby boy or girl.

Gifts the whole family can use:
Sometimes, the family would only like support. Gift ideas that are supportive include: premade meals to fill the freezer, a gift card for a cleaning service, or gift cards for dining out.