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Tips for Planning an Amazing Baby Sprinkle

Nearly everyone knows about baby showers, but have you heard of a baby sprinkle? If the first thing that comes to mind is a 'light rain', you may be surprised to learn that baby sprinkles are actually baby showers for moms welcoming baby #2, #3, or more. During the second pregnancy, moms likely aren't expecting to be "showered" with gifts. More than a shower, they simply need a light sprinkle – gifts to complement the baby items they already own.

Baby sprinkles are a popular new way for friends and family to celebrate baby's impending arrival. If this is your first time planning one, here are 8 simple tips to make sure your baby sprinkle goes off without a hitch.

Setting the date:

Try to plan for a date at least two months before the mother's due date. This will give mom plenty of time to ensure she has everything she needs and to do any last minute shopping before baby's arrival.

Choosing the Theme:

Plan your baby sprinkle around a theme to make decorating easy and the party atmosphere fun. If you're in need of ideas, browse baby shower pins on to see popular theme ideas.

Creating the Guest List:

Fill your guest list with close friends and family who will be more than happy to celebrate mom's second pregnancy. Consider inviting the soon-to-be big brother or sister as well if you're planning a kid-friendly baby sprinkle.

Sending the Invites:

Add a friendly note to your invitations suggesting gift ideas. List a few items that the new baby will need to help your guests feel confident as they begin to shop for gifts.

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Dressing it Up:

As you are planning decorations for your baby sprinkle, consider decorations that serve a dual purpose. Can your snacks be presented in a way that complements your theme? Can your centerpiece double as a nursery decoration?

Feeding the People:

Keep your menu light with bite size hors d'oeuvres, snacks, and sweets. Not only will it make party prep simple, it will give your guests an opportunity to mix and mingle.

Having Fun:

Get creative with how you entertain your guests and consider substituting baby shower games with group crafts like creating a no-sew quilt, decorating blocks, or making hair bows. All babies deserve to be celebrated and a baby sprinkle is a perfect way to welcome the new baby to the family and let mom and dad know you care.