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Baby Shower Activities for All Ages

A baby shower can be for all ages if you take the right steps. Include big-brother or sister-to-be in your Baby Sprinkle to celebrate the addition to the family you already have! If you need a few ideas for baby shower activities to keep children and adults alike engaged, then we've got you covered.

Begin the Party with a Warm-up

Let the children know early-on that they are just as much a part of the festivities as the adults. Use a warm–up as an opportunity to gain and keep their attention.

One of the easiest group exercises is "Hot Spot." It's important that you have mom, dad, aunt, son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc. all participate in this in order to set the mood for the party.

To start, all guests should stand in a circle. Someone steps forward and begins singing a song of his or her choosing. After thirty seconds, another guest will step into the middle of the circle and start singing a song that reminds him or her of the song the first player is singing. To make this game easier, pair the kids with adults to make it a bonding experience (and less scary!). Have as many rounds as you see fit.

Creating One-of-a-kind
Family Stories

Now that you have everyone's attention and the children are engaged, have them help create a family story that everyone will enjoy while testing their knowledge of the alphabet!

Select a letter in the alphabet. If you already know the new baby's name, begin with the first letter of that name, and moving alphabetically, each player will say one sentence that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Move down the line, person to person, adding to the story. The sentences should describe your family and build off of one another.

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If somebody stops for a period of time or starts with the wrong letter, they will technically be "out." Last guest standing wins and gets to end the story!

Have somebody write down these sentences and create a short book. This would be a great thing for a sibling to read to their new brother or sister a few months down the road!

Ending the Day with Baby Shower Crafts for the Kids

If you started the day with exercises similar to the ones above, then you will easily have fun memories and stories to serve as inspiration for a short craft project.

Plan ahead and have kid-friendly craft supplies handy. Encourage the kids to take their favorite song or story from the day and recreate it as a mobile or drawing that can be used to decorate the new baby's room! This craft can be combined with the family story activity. You can turn your family storybook into an even more memorable keepsake for the new baby by asking the children in attendance to draw pictures to go along with the story.

These baby shower crafts and games for kids not only get the children involved in the party itself but they also help the new siblings to feel involved in the impending arrival of their new baby brother or sister.