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Edible Unique Ways to Reveal Your Baby's Gender

Intertwine all aspects of your gender reveal party by letting the food do the talking. Center your menu on the new baby boy or girl and make the big reveal through the edible treats you serve. When planning your gender reveal party, keep in mind that the options for the reveal are very much determined by who actually knows the gender of the baby...

Just Between You and Your baker

Some parents don't want anyone to know the gender of their baby boy or girl before they do... except maybe their baker! Ask your doctor for the sealed results of your baby's gender and pass the envelope off to your bakery. With the information in hand, your bakery can place a little something pink or blue in the center of your sweet treats. If you are having a more intimate gathering and looking for a small cake, ask that either the inside frosting or cake batter be dyed pink or blue. Cut into the cake for the big surprise! If you have many guests, consider having cake pops or cupcakes made with a pink or blue candy baked into the center.

The Party Planner

If the party planner, whether the parents themselves or a friend, knows the gender of the baby, any part of the menu can become an aspect of the reveal. As almost any food can be dyed the appropriate color, you can keep all of your food hidden away in the kitchen and lay them out in front of guests to reveal the big surprise. If you have plenty of party games in mind and hope to save the reveal for later into the party, consider a couple of reveal desserts. Fortune cookies can be ordered with boy or girl written inside.

If you're looking to combine your reveal snack with your party favors, let the Hershey bar do the talking! Buy a Hershey bar for each guest and an equal amount of construction paper per candy bar in blue for boy or pink for girl.

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Wrap the construction paper around the candy bar as if creating a new wrapper. If the baby is a girl, cut out a rectangle over the "she" in Hershey. If a boy, use blue and cut out a square over the "he." Place these in little gift bags so each guest can reach in and reveal the gender at the same time.

Parents-To-Be Only

If the parents choose not to tell anyone the gender of their baby before the reveal, it may be a little trickier to plan the menu accordingly. If you are hosting, create a big, colorless punch in a clear vase or bowl. When it is time for the gender reveal, give the parents both pink and blue food dye, and let them add the right color. The rest of the menu can be a combination of both pinks and blues to prolong the anticipation.

Using edible treats to reveal the new gender of the baby boy or girl is a fun and tasty way to let your guests in on your little secret!