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Non-edible Unique Ways to Reveal Your Baby's Gender

The tone of your gender reveal party theme is truly set by the way you choose to share the big news. While the options are endless, here a few creative and fun ways to make the reveal uniquely yours. Best of all, with any of these options mom and dad can be surprised right along with the guests.

Unwrap the Gender

Reveal the baby's gender and start their clothing collection all at the same time. Take the sealed results of the sonogram into any clothing store that gift wraps. Select two different outfits- one for a boy and one for a girl. Have the clerk open the sonogram results, and while you aren't looking, the clerk can charge you and wrap the outfit for the baby's gender. During the gender reveal, the parents-to-be open the gift in front of all of their friends and family.

Let the Balloons Go

This one has become very popular with gender reveal parties. The parents reveal their baby's gender by opening a large box filled with balloons in the color matching the gender of their baby. When the parents open the box, the helium balloons fly out for everyone to see. If the party planner knows the gender of the baby, this can be easily made by buying balloons from a party store. However, these boxes can also be ordered or created by a party store employee by passing on a sealed sonogram.

Break into the Secret

What better game for any party than a piñata? Have the parents-to-be or all of the guests take turns swinging at the piñata to reveal either pink or blue goodies inside.

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This is a great way to get everyone involved-- especially young children! Build your gender reveal party theme around this idea and throw a pink and blue fiesta!

Special delivery

Looking for a simpler way? Hand the sonogram off to the local florist and have beautiful pink or blue flowers delivered to the gender reveal party. Make sure they are delivered completely covered so mom and dad can unwrap them. The flowers will also serve as a sweet smelling reminder of the big news for a couple of weeks. The mom-to-be can also press and dry for a scrapbook keepsake.

Whichever way you choose to share your baby's gender, a gender reveal party can help you to wow your guests... and yourself!