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Ooh Baby! Sip & See Party Favor Ideas

You're hosting a Sip & See and have every detail covered, except the party favors... Now what? Here are some simple ideas that will leave your guests with a great taste in their mouths!

Edible Favors

Everyone enjoys desserts, so why not leave your guests with something sweet to cap off the great party? One idea is to bake and decorate large cookies with the new baby's name on them and wrap each cookie in clear cellophane. Attach a cute sticker with a clever saying like, "A sweet ending to Maggie's Sip & See". If you're not a baker, you can purchase chocolate bars and create personalized wrappers. The chocolate wrappers should include a picture of the new baby, and birth information, like name, date and weight. This way, everyone takes home a keepsake and the new mom has something to add to her ever-growing baby scrapbook. If you're looking for a more interactive party favor, consider setting up every child's fantasy: a candy dessert bar. On one end of the dessert bar, place empty baby bottles. On the other end, place a variety of colorful candy favorites, like Jelly Beans, M&Ms, Gummi Bears, and Sour Worms. Your guests can fill their baby bottle with their favorite candy assortment and go home with a customized treat that they created themselves!

Cookie Cutters

Another great option is to send guests home with their own cookie cutter party favors. Place cookie cutters that are cute, baby-themed shapes, like rubber duckies, teddy bears or baby carriages, in a party favor bag and tie with a colored ribbon.

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Attach a family cookie or brownie recipe to the ribbon with a note to guests thanking them for attending the Sip & See. This is a party favor guests will be sure to use and the family recipe adds a personal element that makes guests feel like they are part of your family.

Photo Holders

Try a party favor that serves double duty as a place card holder. Order some cute photo/card holders that share the theme of the Sip & See. Place them on the table and put your place cards in them so guests know where to sit. On the back of the place cards, write a note to each guest thanking them for coming and instructing them to use the photo holder for their favorite picture. Once the Sip & See is over, e-mail photos to each of the guests of the event so they will have a new picture to display in their photo holder.

Party favors are an old tradition but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Any of these party favors will have your guests leaving the Sip & See with smiles on their faces.