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Why Host a Sip & See?

While the Sip & See is making a trendy comeback, there are many great reasons to host a Sip & See as opposed to (or in addition to) a traditional baby shower. Here are some of our top reasons for why you should host a Sip & See for the new mom:

She's Not a First-time Mom

For moms who already have children, a Sip & See is a perfect option! Some moms don't need the traditional baby shower to stock them up on all the items baby will need when it comes home. Instead, choose to celebrate the new addition after they come into the world and mom can show him or her off. Since many moms may already have all of the receiving blankets, pacifiers, and bottle warmers, a Sip & See will serve as a fun day to get together with friends and pass the baby around. It's the perfect opportunity to get a break from the craziness that comes with the first couple of weeks!

She Wants to Be Surprised

Perhaps the parents aren't finding out the gender of their new bundle until that special day comes. A Sip & See will be an enjoyable celebration of the new family member and will allow the new mom to make final tweaks to her registry after she has given birth. This way, instead of all yellow and green, the new parents can register for more gender specific items. Maybe a basketball-themed crib set instead of a cream and brown one. Or maybe some pink clothes with ballerinas on them. Another great thing about waiting until after the baby is born is that a Sip & See also allows you to customize the decorations to the new mom and baby, instead of focusing all of the attention on the mom. You can customize invitations with the new addition's photo on them. Think birth announcement plus party invite! Gifts can be personalized with the

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baby's name on it. Once the surprise is revealed, all systems are a go for the Sip & See and the new mom will be able to enjoy her little surprise, boy or girl.

She Wants to Show Off Her
Cute Baby

Perhaps the new mom has already had a baby shower, and just wants to show off the new baby – throwing a Sip & See doesn't have to be about an extra set of gifts. It can just be a "meet and greet" type of party. Guests can bring something small, like diapers, or socks. This provides extended family and friends the opportunity to meet the new guy or gal since they weren't able to make it to the hospital during those first few days. Immediately after the new parents return home, many friends and extended family are unsure of how overwhelmed the new parents are with their little one. It's hard for them to invite themselves over but they do want to be a part of this special time for the family. A Sip & See is a coordinated event where friends and family feel welcome but not like they're overstepping or coming by at a bad time when no one has slept and the laundry isn't done. The new mom can have her cocktail (or mocktail) and relax for a few hours while she warmly gushes over her new baby and enjoys passing him or her around. Make sure you take lots of pictures!