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Tips for Hosting a Sip & See

You can do it! Hosting a Sip & See doesn't have to be all work and no play. These great Sip & See ideas let you enjoy the special day with the new mom and your guests. If you follow these four simple rules, this is going to be one smooth ride!

Order Invitations Online

This is a great place to save time without missing a beat. There are so many websites for great Sip & See invitations that you can customize to your exact specifications that you would be silly not to take advantage. Find a website that has many options for invitations and allows the opportunity for your creation to be looked over by a professional designer. These invitations are often less than $1 per invite and will give a great first impression.

Create Place Cards

The day of your event, you will have many things to do, including welcoming guests, tending to the new mom, and managing gifts. The last thing on your to-do list the day of the event should be deciding where everyone sits. Create place cards in advance and have everyone assigned to a table. Don't think of place cards as a nod to tradition and formality, think of them as a way to relieve a little guesswork and stress from you and your guests at your party.

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Prepare the Food in Advance

If you're not having the Sip & See catered, try to come up with menu options that can be prepared well in advance. This includes cold dishes, like pasta salads or finger sandwiches or dishes that are baked but just need to be heated up. You don't want to be cooking and cleaning when guests are arriving, so plan ahead and do the work in advance.

Create Your Own Favors

Choose party favors that guests put together themselves. A candy bar is always a hit and allows guests to choose their favorite candies and eliminate ones they don't like. You can set up the candy and the containers (may we suggest baby bottles?) on the bar in advance and cover the bowls of candy with plastic wrap until the Sip & See begins. This will be a great wrap-up activity for the end of the affair and will leave a special smile on every big kids' face.

Plan ahead, remain calm, and most importantly... enjoy hosting when you take advantage of these perfect Sip & See ideas!