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tips for preparing for another child

What's more exciting than having a first baby? Simple...having another baby! Of course,
now that you've had one, there probably aren't many surprises. But depending upon
when you had your first, there may be some catching up you have to do.
And that's what our tips are all about. Have a look!


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  • Check with the Consumer Products Safety Commission ( to see if any of your baby/toddler items have been recalled. Major recalls to take note of: most drop-side cribs, some strollers, and products with high levels of lead and cadmium.
  • Make sure that your car seat has not expired, by checking the date imprinted on it. Every car seat does carry such a date. Many hospitals will not let you leave the hospital without an approved infant car seat!
  • Consider buying new bottles. There is the risk that your old ones may contain BPA and Phthalates, as well as an odor from its prior use for milk and formula.
  • Be aware of the small items and toys that your older child may have. Once your new baby is mobile, these items can be a potential choking hazard.
  • Weigh your options for buying a double stroller.
  • Think about buying a baby carrier, sling or wrap. Many allow you to be hands-free while carrying baby, which is very useful when managing multiple children.
  • Inspect saved clothes for "mystery" stains.
  • Allow your friends to throw you a baby sprinkle (aka a light baby shower). You will need new burping cloths, diapers, clothes, blankets – and maybe a bigger, "cooler" diaper bag!

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