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foreign adoption take-along list for parents
It's easy to overdo your preparation for bringing home a child. But the more you take with
you, the more challenging the journey can be. In short, think necessities over abundance. Fortunately, any inconveniences you experience while traveling will soon be forgotten,
as you begin to enjoy the wonders of parenthood. So relax, and have a great trip!
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  • travel-size toiletries
  • electrical conversion kit
  • medications (diarrhea, acid-indigestion, cold, allergy, headache and motion sickness)
  • bottled water
  • comfortable shoes
  • plan for four distinct seasons, so pack accordingly, and bring plenty of clothing, as it may be difficult to do laundry
  • slippers: note that in quite a few countries it's customary to remove your shoes when inside
  • first-aid kit
  • a language-appropriate dictionary
  • camera and plenty of memory cards & batteries
  • new currency & smaller bills, International phone cards
  • color copies of your passport and visa (leave originals in the hotel safe, but always carry a few copies)
  • travel alarm clock
  • small plastic storage bags
  • travel tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • several rolls of toilet paper
  • backpack (instead of purse or to use as a diaper bag)
  • leave extra room in your suitcase, or bring an additional bag (smaller one) for anything you may buy