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adoptive parents' checklists

When it comes time to bring home your precious bundle of joy, you'll want to be well-prepared. And the kind of preparation you require, depends upon the age of your little one and whether yours is a domestic or foreign adoption. To help get you ready, we've put together individual checklists to meet your unique needs.

domestic adoption
checklists for baby

It's easy to overdo your preparation for bringing home a child. But "less is more" when it comes to travel. Think necessities over abundance, and pack according to your child's age. Fortunately, any inconveniences you experience will soon be forgotten, as you begin to enjoy the wonders of parenthood. So relax, and get ready for a wonderful journey!

domestic bringing-baby-home at 0-12 months

domestic bringing-baby-home at 12-24 months

foreign adoption checklists
for parents & baby

When it's time to pick up your little one in a foreign country, parents need an extra bit of planning and preparation. Those items which we consider necessities may be unavailable there. Use these checklists as you plan your trip, adding or subtracting items based on the age of your child.

foreign adoption take-along list for parents

foreign adoption take-along list for baby