Each year, on average more than 22,000 children ages 8 years old and younger, are treated for injuries related to household furniture instability or tip overs. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the following safety tips to help prevent tip-over accidents:

 Buy and install low-cost anchoring devices that can prevent TVs, dressers, bookcases and other furniture from tipping.

 Use a wall mount to hang your TV if possible.

 Keep remote controls and other attractive items off the TV top andstand so kids won't be tempted to grab for them and risk knockingover the TV.

 Keep TV and cable cords out of reach of children.

 Make sure free-standing ranges and stoves are installed with
   anti-tip brackets.

 Anchor washers, dryers, dishwashers and all other appliances.

 Always supervise children in rooms where these safety tips have
   not beenfollowed.

Taking a few moments now to anchor and secure TVs, furniture and appliances can save your child from a tip-over tragedy. Be sure your child's grandparents and care givers follow these tips in their homes, too.

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