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why rent a breast pump?
Renting a breast pump may make sense for you, especially if you’re planning to breastfeed for 6 months or less.
We offer the highly efficient Medela Symphony breast pump, like the one hospitals use. It offers many benefits:
  • 18% more milk in mothers of term infants when double pumping with 2-Phase Expression® technology
  • Lets you provide breast milk when baby is unable to feed at the breast
  • Made with protective barriers that keep the pump sanitary and safe
breast pump rental pricing
30 days for $75
60 days for $140
90 days for $180
Pump Accessories Rental Kit: $52.99
We offer breast pump rentals at every
Babies”R”Us store location. Call or visit today!
frequently asked questions
Here are some common questions and answers about our breast pump
rental program. Call or visit any Babies”R”Us store to learn more.
  1. Is this breast pump sanitary
    & safe to use?
  1. Yes. The Symphony pump is specially designed
    and safe for multiple-mom use; every pump is
    cleaned upon return. The Rental Kit (purchased
    separately) provides you with the accessories you
    need for your personal use.
  1. Is there a tutorial?
  1. There are instructions for use with all
    Symphony pumps.
  1. What’s included in the rental?
  1. The Symphony pump only. The Rental Kit is
    purchased separately when you rent the pump.
    When the pump is returned, you may discard the kit.
  1. Is there customer support for this
    pump if I need it?
  1. Yes. You can call Medela Customer Service
    at 1-800-435-8316 or email them
  1. How do I know how long
    I’ll need it?
  1. It’s up to you. Some moms have it for a month, while
    others continue their rental experience beyond a year.
    Consult your physician for guidance.
  1. What if I want to extend the amount
    of time or cancel?
  1. To extend rental time, call or visit the store where you
    rented the pump. To cancel, return the pump to the
    store for a refund based on the amount of time used.
Learn more about the Medela Symphony breast pump, available for rental.

breastfeeding resources

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getting a pump through insurance

Our Breast Pump
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