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Introducing the Toys''R''Us App Guide for Differently-Abled Kids! Toys''R''Us has partnered with Wynsum Arts, a social enterprise dedicated to making app discovery and mobile technology accessible to children of all abilities, to identify apps that are appropriate for children with special needs.

Using the skills platform criteria featured in the trusted Guide, 25 apps were selected to create the Toys''R''Us App Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. Parents and caregivers can determine their child's specific skill-building needs, and then sort through the 25 apps for the most relevant fit. All apps can be found in the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.
Toys''R'' Us App Guide for Differently-Abled Kids
Parents and caregivers can determine their child's specific skill-building needs, then sort through the
25 apps for the most relevant fit.
PicSay - Photo Editor
Shutterbugs can embellish photos with stickers, add text from a list of
common sentiments or write their own message. Plus, intuitive menu
symbols make all functions accessible to non-readers.
Swapsies - Occupations
Spinlight Studios
This app introduces careers in a lighthearted, positive way. Kids explore a world of possibilities as they try their hands at various trades in their very own virtual cities.
Learning Letters for Kids
Learning Colors for Kids
Learning Numbers for Kids
Pankratz TK
No timers. No pressure. No penalty for incorrect answers! These 3 learn-
ing apps let children work at their own pace and receive immediate
positive reinforcement and verbal praise for correct responses.
Tiny Flashlight
Nikolay Ananiev
Featuring a torch, light bulb, flashing hazard and strobe, this utility app
can be used for anything from navigating from the bedroom to the bath-
room in the middle of the night, or simply reading comics under the
Bubble Buster
It's nonstop, bubble-busting fun! Just aim the bubble buster and pop adjacent bubbles of the same color. This app provides an engaging, entertaining way to develop and refine color matching, problem solving
and strategic thinking skills!
Talking Tom Cat
Talk to Tom, and he talks back! Tom repeats exactly what kids say using
a funny voice, helping to reinforce cause and effect learning and provid
ing auditory stimulation. Best of all, kids can use
isolated fingers, knuckles or an entire hand to make their virtual pet
purr, jump or play with the dog.
4 in a Row
A fine-motor feat! Each player drops colored tokens into a grid while
trying to connect four tokens in a row. Whoever connects four tokens first wins! This app offers plenty of counting and problem-solving practice, while helping to introduce the concepts of competitive play and proper
game etiquette.
Ant Smasher Free
Schvarts Apps
Smash 'em...squish 'em...Because the more they smash, the more points they'll score! Kids can use isolated fingers, palms or
knuckles to try to smash as many ants as they can. This fun, highly enter-
taining game provides an engaging way to promote eye-hand coordina
tion and refine fine-motor skills.
Cookie Doodle Jump Free
Jump up, up as fast as you can! The giant cookie-loving monster can't catch your gingerbread man! Gross-motor skills come into play as kids tilt their device to set their gingerbread man in motion.
Kids Match 'Em
Kids work on their memory skills as they attempt to make matches of foods, monsters, vacation items, animals, vehicles or hats. The bright, colorful pictures provide visual cues and entertaining noises and offer auditory input to keep kids engaged while they play alone or with a
ABC's by 5 Pumpkins
Five Pumpkins
Learning ABCs is as easy as, well, ABC with these virtual flash cards! Each flashcard contains a large font letter, phonetic
pronunciation and a bright, colorful image. Kids just click on the letter or image to hear the corresponding audio.
Operation Math
Equation invasion! Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division skills provide the clues to help kids solve spy missions. The real challenge: players only have one minute to solve simple math
problems in order to complete each mission. Settings can be adjusted to keep learning on track and reduce frustration.
It's blockbusting, color-matching excitement! Players use
color-matching, counting, problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills
to solve their quest. Kids use isolated finger or whole-hand
Mmovements to match three or more of the same-colored blocks and collapse the lines before they get to the top of the screen!
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
Peaceful music and ambient sounds are timed to alpha waves to provide comfort and promote relaxation - perfect for quiet time, travel or bed
time routines. Kids can even set an alarm to make the music stop, or wake to the playlist of his or her choice!
Same Color
Players clear the board by selecting the largest group of blocks with the same color! Color-matching, problem-solving and strategic-thinking
skills come into play as kids attempt to match same-colored balls that touch vertically or horizontally, and eliminate as many as possible!
Kids ABC Phonics
Kids can choose from four exciting games to help learn and
reinforce letter names and sounds, match sounds with letters and blend sounds to make words! Positive auditory feedback
encourages continued play, while bolstering confidence and self esteem for a job well done.
Kids ABC Letters
Kids discover letter names by playing four great games! Players hear and see the letter, build the letter with a puzzle, catch the letter while fishing
and find the letter in a word, while developing and reinforcing expressive language, strategic thinking,
sequencing and cause-and-effect skills in a friendly, encouraging learning environment.
Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer
Javier Salmona
A great tool for helping kids learn the abstract concept of time! The big colorful clock changes color to indicate the passing of time and can be used with the timer function to help transitioning from one activity to the next, timing activities - and even following schedules. It also rings to signal that time is up, making it good for noisy environments.
Touch 'N' Color Coloring Books
Purple Penguin
Pint-sized Picassos will enjoy exploring creative expression as they choose from seven different coloring books to color or create their very own original works of art! Both fine- and gross-motor skills join the artistic process as children use isolated fingers, knuckles or palms to fill in pictures using different colors and various line sizes - while even staying inside the lines!
(Device App)
Say, ''Cheese!'' From self-portraits, flashcards, books, schedules and more, this simple-to-use app lets kids see what they are capturing and then automatically saves the photos to their Gallery (app available separately). Picture taking helps promote visual attention and processing skills, and can help ''develop'' social skills as kids snap, show and share their images! The Camera app is preloaded on all smart devices.
Touch Music Box
Mini-musicians-in-the making bang, poke and press on the screen to hear musical notes and see bright, colorful lines and dots. Touch the screen and it plays back the sounds touched, helping to promote cause-and-effect learning, while developing and refining fine-motor skills. Kids can even create their own original compositions with a touch of a finger!
Alpha Tots
''A'' is for high-flying action! The app uses action-based verbs that foster learning through fun, alphabet-based games. The brightly colored letters and hands-on activities for each letter help children to look and listen as they learn to work on pronunciation and letter recognition.
(Device App)
Budding photographers never have to worry about saving and storing photos from the Camera and using the PicSay-Photo Editor app - because this app does it automatically! Kids can revisit their photos for pleasure and recall favorite memories, helping to develop expressive language as they share their creative efforts with family and friends. They can also make books or flashcards, and so much more. The Gallery app is preloaded on all smart devices.