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personalize your baby registry announcement cards

just add your name...

here's how:

Click on the button below to download the cards.
Note: if you need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader, click on the button below.

On page 2 of the document, click on the line below the Babies''R''Us logo and enter your name as you would like it to appear on the card.

After entering your name, press enter or click anywhere within the page and your name will automatically populate on all the cards.

To save your cards to your computer, make sure you are in Adobe Reader and select ''File'' and ''Save As,'' then create a file name for your cards and select ''Save.'' Your cards can now be accessed and printed directly from your computer.

...and print!

Paper Card Stock Guidelines

For best results, we recommend Avery Product #8871 Two-Side Printable Ink Jet Clean Edge Business Cards for Ink Jet printers and Avery Product #5882 for Laser Jet printers.

When printing the PDF file, make sure the Page Scaling option is set to ''None.''
Note: If the option is set as ''Fit to Printable Area'' or ''Shrink to Printable Area,'' the cards will not print correctly on the recommended paper stock.

Printer Guidelines

A color printer is recommended but a black and white printer will work as well. A printer with two-sided printing capabilities is also ideal.

Note: If your printer does not have the capability to print on both sides, you must print the front side of the cards and then turn the paper over and print the back side.

download Baby Registry Announcement Cards
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