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  • Fun Run – Bring it along when running local errands
  • Toy Storage – Keep their toys stored in the wagon
  • Family Trips – Take the kids on a wagon ride
    to the park
  • Little Farmers – Bring their wagon
    to the next farmers’ market
  • Gift Station – Display birthday;
    presents in the wagon
  • Pretend Airplane – Let them
    imagine they are pilots flying
    their wagon to the next stop
  • Imaginary Safari – Help them go on a make-believe
    backyard safari
  • Family Trips to the Zoo – Let them enjoy the
    animals from a fun, new vantage point
  • Groceries on the Go – Bring home groceries the
    fun and easy way
  • Sign Holder – Create a celebration sign holder
    for your family events
  • Drive and Deliver – Let your kids deliver their
    boy scout purchases with a wagon
  • Backyard Fortress – Help them build a fort using
    sheets, blankets and a wagon
  • Doggie Caravan – They’ll enjoy making a rolling
    pet carrier for rides around the yard
  • Bean Bag Toss – Let them practice
    their target skills with a
    strategically placed wagon
  • You’re It! – They can turn their
    wagon into “base” for a
    game of tag
  • Rocket Ship – Let them pretend
    their wagon is a spaceship that
    just lande in the yard
  • Outdoor Naps – Let them catch some zzzz’s in
    the great outdoors
  • Stuffed Animal Trailer – All aboard! Let the kids
    bring their stuffed animals for a ride
  • Pull a Pal – Your kids and their friends can take
    turns pulling each other around the yard
  • Decorate the Wagon – Let them dress up the
    wagon for the next neighborhood parade
  • School Shuttle – Take your kids to and from school
    in their wagon
  • Relay Games – Plan a wagon-relay race for your
    kids and their friends
  • Wagon Walks – Go for a family walk with your
    wagon in hand
  • Scavenger Hunt – Let them hunt and store their
    finds along the way
  • Doll Car – Your kids can take
    their dolls for a stylish ride
  • Fishing Boat – Hand the kids
    some sticks and wheel them
    on an imaginary fishing trip
  • Backyard Races – Make wagon the
    start or finish line for backyard races
  • The Cookie Express – The kids will enjoy
    delivering Girl Scout Cookies with the help
    of their wagon
  • Science on Wheels – Let them transport their
    science fair project with ease
  • Pretend Race Cars – Help them imagine their
    wagon is a race car so they can zoom around
  • Juicy Idea – Place juice boxes in their
    wagon at your next birthday party
  • Choo-choo – Let them pretend
    their wagon is a train that pulls
    the train conductor
  • Ahoy Mateys – They can turn
    their wagon into a pretend pirate
    ship that sails the seven seas
  • Map It – Let them draw “streets” with
    sidewalk chalk and take rides along the paths
  • Instant Seating – Bring their wagon to a soccer or
    baseball game so they can better enjoy the view
  • Shopping Spree – Let them pretend they’re
    shopping in the backyard; pile in the goodies
  • Take it to Toys“R”Us – Bring their wagon on your
    next shopping adventure
  • Hide & Seek – They can find hiding spots faster
    by using their wagon
  • School Bus Express – Let them turn their wagon
    into a school bus that drops kids off around the yard
  • Smile – Add a playful touch to your next family
    picture; sit the children in and around the wagon
  • Favors Galore – Hold party favors in a wagon
    and have your kids pass them out
  • Life’s a Stage – Let it serve as a prop
    in your child’s musical or play
  • Way West – They can pretend it’s
    a covered wagon from an old
    western movie
  • Reading is Fun – Hand them a book
    and let them take their wagon to the yard and read
  • Beep, Beep – They can pretend the wagon is a
    taxi that makes stops up and down the block
  • Pass it Down – Keep their wagon for future
    grandchildren; they’ll appreciate it
  • Yard Helper – Let them pick up and haul sticks
    in the yard
  • Sweet Dreams – They can turn their wagon into
    a special place for their dolls to nap
  • Read All About It – Their wagon will help make
    their paper delivery a breeze
  • Princess Carriage – Have them take their
    princess dolls on a regal carriagvvve ride
  • Color Their World – Let them sit back in their
    wagon and enjoy coloring with crayons
  • Puppet Parade – They can take
    their puppet show on the road
    or just to the backyard
  • Traveling Show – Let the kids
    take their wagon and friends
    on a circus tour
  • Deck Out Your Wagon – Have a
    wagon decorating contest at your next kids party
  • Have a Ball – Carry baseballs to their next
    practice in the wagon
  • Popsicle Heaven – Kids can enjoy popsicles
    from the comfort of their wagons
  • Puppet Play – Let them put on a finger puppet
    show in their wagon
  • Rock the Block – Wheel the kids to the next
    block party in their wagon
  • Fun Fundraiser – Let them haul items in the
    wagon for their next door-to-door fundraiser
  • Tea Time – They can place dolls and toys in the
    wagon for an outdoor tea party
  • Catch a Parade – Let them watch the parade
    from the comfort of their wagon
  • On the Radio – They can pretend their wagon is
    a radio station and put on a show for mom and dad
  • Traveling Minstrels – Lead them in a sing-along
    as they get pulled in their wagon
  • Shop and Go – Take the kids on a shopping spree
    and carry back your bags in the wagon
  • Scream for Ice Cream – Let them pretend their
    wagon is the neighborhood ice cream truck
  • Wagon Rides – Help your kids and
    their friends turn up the party
    fun with wagon rides
  • All Systems Go – Watch your
    kids turn their wagon into an
    imaginary command center
  • Play Games – Challenge your kids
    to fill, pull and empty their wagon.
    Then start all over again!
  • Mega Trucks – Get your kids to pretend their
    wagon is a truck that they drive around the yard
  • Wedding Party – Have your kids pull a flower girl
    down the aisle with the help of their wagon
  • Going Places – Inspire your kids to make up a song
    about all the places their wagon can take them
  • Space Explorers – Let them imagine their wagon
    is a space ship launching into the great unknown
  • Birthday Special – Roll your “birthday boy or girl”
    into their wagon-themed birthday party
  • Picnic on Wheels – Pull your picnic fixings to your
    next outdoor gathering
  • Little Garden Helper – Let them help out in the
    garden by wheeling your flowers to plant
  • Chairs to Go – Carry your lawn chairs in the
    wagon to your next outdoor event
  • Eggstra Fun – Bring the wagon
    to your next Easter egg hunt
    to help collect eggs
  • Lunch-to-Go – Let your wagon
    carry all your drinks and
    sandwiches to your next picnic
  • Beach Buggy – Lighten the load
    on your next trip to the beach
  • Lemonade Stand – Let them stack and wheel
    supplies from the house to the sidewalk
  • Water Balloons – Your kids can haul water
    balloons to the backyard with ease
  • Celebration Wagon – Let them watch fireworks
    from the comfort of their wagon
  • Fire Brigade – Give them some water guns and
    turn their wagon into a fire engine
  • Fireflies on the Fly – Pull your kids around while
    they catch fireflies
  • Relax and Roll – Avoid the hot
    sand at the beach by rolling
    your kids in the wagon
  • Beach Buddy – Store your
    beach towels in the wagon
    when you go swimming
  • Carry-All – Tote your cooler to
    your next family event the fun and easy way
  • Apple Picking – Take your wagon on an
    apple-picking trip
  • Trick-or-Treat – Dress up your wagon to match
    their Halloween costumes
  • Leaf Keeper – Let them rake and pile leaves
    in the wagon
  • Pumpkin Picking – Bring along the wagon on
    your next trip to the pumpkin patch
  • Pile it On – Ready, set, go! See who can fill the
    wagon with piles of leaves fastest
  • Leaf Catcher – Let the kids create a game by
    sitting under a tree and guessing how many
    leaves fall into the wagon
  • Snowball Fort – Help the kids launch snowballs
    from their wagon
  • Homeward Bound – Carry home a Christmas
    tree with the help of the wagon
  • Snow Hauler – The kids will have fun
    moving snow around the yard
    to build forts and snow castles
  • Winter Wall – Have the kids
    turn their wagon into an icy
    snow fortress
  • Frosty Fun – Let them launch
    and hide from snowballs with
    the help of their wagon
  • Build a Snowman – Help your kids build the
    perfect snowman right next to their wagon
  • Sing-alongs – Take the kids in the wagon
    around the block for some holiday caroling
Ideas courtesy of Radio Flyer.