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baby bedding 101

The first few years of life, baby will be logging a lot of time in the crib. So it's important make it a safe, happy and comfortable place — that way you and baby can both rest easy! So start by getting to know the different kinds of baby bedding available for cribs, portable cribs, bassinets, cradles, and toddler beds. From there, you can shop for bedding sets or choose individual components, such as baby sheets, dust ruffles, quilted mattress pads, sleep positioners, play yard sheets, and blankets.

Since the crib is the centerpiece of the nursery, have fun dressing it up. With so many adorable designs to bring your vision to life, you can shop by gender, color, or theme. Enjoy setting the scene for all the naps, dreams, and snuggles that lie ahead.

baby sheets

The bedding staple of any crib. Baby sheets generally come in five sizes: for single/convertible cribs, portable cribs, cradles, bassinets, and play yards. While most are 100% cotton, some also come in a polyester/cotton blend and are available in knit, flannel, and traditional woven styles. In addition to these textures, you'll have plenty of colors and patterns to choose from to compliment any nursery design. Just remember that the sheets should always fit the mattress snugly to help ensure baby's safety.

dust ruffles

When we say dress up, we aren't kidding! Dust ruffles, also called crib skirts, are spread across the mattress support and under the actual mattress. Available in so many beautiful colors and fun themes to suit every nursery, dust ruffles tie the crib together and add a touch of style to baby's room.

waterproof pads/lap pads

It's vinyl to the rescue! Waterproof vinyl pads are here to save you time and energy on cleanup. Available in a variety of sizes, these pads are placed on top of the fitted sheet or between the crib sheet and mattress, making it easier to clean little accidents and prevent stains. In either formation, be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and keep in mind that you'll need multiples so you can change them regularly.

sheet savers

Not only clean and covered, but comfy, too. Like waterproof pads, sheet savers are designed to protect your crib sheet. However, they are also made from absorbent, quilted, machine-washable material, absorbing moisture and keeping baby comfortable. Look for sheet savers that can easily be tied to the crib bars, and make sure they can be securely attached to the crib.

quilted mattress pads

Sleeping can be a full-contact sport — the more padding, the better! Quilted mattress pads are positioned between the mattress and the sheet to soften the mattress's surface and make baby more comfortable. Similar to sheet savers, these pads are made from absorbent, quilted, machine-washable material. Some quilted mattress pads come with sewn-in waterproof liners, while others come with a rubber backing to guard against stains. They are generally available in two sizes: for single/convertible cribs and for toddler beds.

receiving blankets

Wrap 'em up and take 'em to go! These are the first blankets used to swaddle babies and take them home from the hospital. Generally 100% cotton, receiving blankets are machine-washable, and easy to clean and care for. These ultra-soft blankets come in a range of colors and designs, as well as thermal, flannel, and fleece styles.

baby blankets

Soft and versatile, baby blankets can be used at any time of the day or night to keep baby comfy and cozy. They are available in an assortment of colors and styles, including hi-pile and chenille. Keep in mind that while you want to make sure baby's nice and toasty, too many blankets, or blankets that are too heavy, can lead to overheating or suffocation. A good rule of thumb is that babies really don't need any more blankets than adults do.