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Keeping baby safe is as important to us here at Babies''R''Us as it is to you. (We're parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and caregivers, too!) We honor the trust that parents place in us, which is why we've partnered with key safety specialists to provide you with this online resource as your go-to spot for safety advice. Most childhood injuries happen at home and are completely preventable with simple safety steps you can learn about here.

Children are curious, natural explorers. They like to put things in their mouths, stick their fingers in unusual places, play with hanging cords and push or pull over furniture. Even the most seemingly harmless room can be a danger to them.

There are many easy ways you can help prevent your child from being injured in your house. Follow these basic checklists, brought to you buy our trusted safety partners.

home safety & injury prevention parent's checklist

furniture/appliance tip-over prevention checklist

fire safety information checklist