push & pedal ride-ons

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Maybe they’re learning to walk, or maybe they just wanna roll! Push and pedal ride-ons help them in their development, encourages them to keep goin’ and promotes safe play. So, which should you get for your little one? A push ride-on is great for your littles ages 18-36 months. They can climb atop and hold onto the handlebar while parents steer them around. So much fun! Pedal ride-ons are perfect for riders who are just a little older and ready to learn the basics of riding. Pedal ride-ons will teach them about steering, coordination and pedaling. These are great to bring your kiddo to the next step in their riding journey. So, whether you want more control or wanna give some to your little rider, push and pedal ride-ons are a great way to get them comfortable on a seat and rollin’ on their way to bigger sets of wheels!