Blinger Doll Jean Jacket

Blinger Doll Jean Jacket
What You’ll Need:

1 crayon
doll jacket

Bling ‘em out for a brand-new look! All the fashion dolls will be stylin’ thanks to this DIY featuring Blinger. This activity updates doll clothing in minutes for a lasting look sure to satisfy any fashionista. Create patterns, add initials, acronyms, any look you dream of. Ready to glam it up?

Let’s Get Started!

Plan out your pattern, thinking about designs and which sized gems you want to use. Lightly draw a pattern to with a light-colored crayon. You can try to eyeball it, but when there’s a line to follow, it’s easier and quicker.

Time to start blinging it out. Follow the lines pressing the Blinger styling tool on the desired spots along the path.

Stand back, take a look, oooh and ahhh. Your doll’s clothing is runway ready!

watch how it's done!

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