Blume Doll Tent

Blume Doll Tent
What You’ll Need:

felt paper
glue gun & glue sticks
your favorite Blume doll

Blume dolls spent a lot of time cooped up in their flower pot and now they’re ready to explore the great outdoors. This fun-to-make DIY tent gives them a cozy spot to camp out in after a day’s adventure.

Let’s Get Started!


Grown-ups, measure and cut the walls of the tent (approx. 6” x 6” per side)

Cut out squares to make windows.

Create a sturdy tent base using a strip of felt paper. Glue it to the bottom of each tent wall. Fold tent walls over to secure base.

Cut out felt strips for the doors and window shades and glue them in place. Tie curtains back with strings of yarn.

Glue a string of yarn to the top of the window shade and roll ‘em up to let the sun in!

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