shoebox salon

Word is, you’re a hair stylin’ pro with Candylocks dolls in need of a new ‘do. So, let’s not wait any longer to build a salon waiting room for them! You can create so many looks with their long, cotton-candy themed hair, and this DIY salon is the perfect place to work your magic!

What You’ll Need:
Candylocks doll
construction paper
magazine pics of furniture and décor

Candylocks doll Shoebox Construction paper Magazine pics of furniture and décor Glue Scissors

Glue construction paper to the outside and inside of the box. Use colors to reflect the type of salon you want, like trendy, upscale or traditional.

glue construction paper inside & outside of the box

Find pictures of furniture and décor that look perfect for your salon. Ask a grownup to cut them out for you.

cut out pictures of furniture & room decor

Time to start decorating! Glue the pictures on the inside of the box to make it the dreamiest salon for your dolls. Get ready to take appointments and walk-ins!

decorate your salon

watch how it's done!