Valentine’s Day friendship bracelets

With the Kumikreator, it’s so easy to make Valentine’s Day gifts for your little love bugs, or for all their besties! Just load up the Kumikreator Bracelets & Necklaces Kit with the colors they want to use and spin, spin, spin! In minutes, they’ll have a piece of unique jewelry for their friends or any little Valentine on their list.

What You’ll Need:
Kumikreator Bracelets & Necklaces Kit
Construction paper

Kumikreator Bracelets & Necklaces Kit

Load up the Kumikreator Bracelets & Necklaces Kit.
Make sure the strings are tight in the white clip.

loading the Kumikreator Bracelets & Necklaces Kit

Spin the handle and watch their jewelry get made!

spinning the Kumikreator bands to create a bracelet

When it’s all done, attach a clasp to keep the ends together.

add the jewelry clasp

Write a special Valentine’s Day note and it’s ready to give!
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

handmade valentine's day card and friendship bracelet

watch how it's done!