Hatchimals WOW

what’s inside the largest Hatchimals egg ever?

The largest Hatchimals egg ever has a super cute surprise inside! Tilt the egg back and forth until the Llalacorn’s rainbow eyes glow through—then she’s ready to hatch! She’ll ggrrooww taller until she pops through the egg’s top and reveals either pink or purple fur. The 32-inch tall Llalacorn loves to snuggle, coo, grow and shrink. She loves to play with her confetti fruit accessory and will follow it as they raise it and lower it. There are over 250 sounds and reactions for kids to discover, plus she sings along to music they play. And when they want to relive the hatching of their adorable pal, they can just place the Llalacorn back into her egg and do it again!