PAW Patrol Marshall Transforming Fire Truck

every dog has its play

These highly trained paws are at your service! Rubble and Marshall team up to save to the day with the PAW Patrol Marshall Transforming Fire Truck. At first glance, this truck looks like it’s well prepared to take out the toughest fires, especially when they lift the truck’s ladder and launch two water projectiles! But, wait! Push the PAW Patrol button and a three-wheeled vehicle pops out from the back. Now Rubble is ready to clear the way for even more fun! His clearing vehicle comes with a rescue saw that can be spun with their fingers to accomplish double the missions in half the time. When the day is saved, just push both parts back together and head back to The Lookout for their next mission. The Transforming Fire Truck includes Marshall and Rubble figures for lots of red-hot rescues.