WowWee Baby Shark Fingerling

play at last, doo doo doo doo doo doo

All the cutesy fun of Baby Shark is at their fingertips with the adorable Baby Shark Fingerling. Place the incredibly popular yellow shark on their fingertip then move the finger as though their swimming to activate the magic motion sensor and play the Baby Shark song! Blow Baby Shark some kisses and his fin will light up different colors. When they wiggle their finger, his tail will flap from side to side. And when they pet his head, his eyes blink and he’ll talk! Feel like getting some wet kisses from Baby Shark? Just press his face to their cheek and he’ll smooch away! This little guy comes packed with a ton of fun and really makes a splash. If they’re fans of the Baby Shark song (who isn’t?) then they’re going to go into a frenzy over the Baby Shark Fingerling.