Jurassic World Control ’n Conquer Carnotaurus

mom, the dinosaurs got loose again!

You’d think the engineers over at Jurassic World would have figured out that this may not be such a great idea by now. But fortunately for your kids, their mistakes have made for some really awesome toys! The Control ’n Conquer Carnotaurus is a wild dinosaur ready to attack and roar with their help. Just tilt its tail to move its head, waist or make it RROOAARR! This big carnivore features movie-inspired sculpting, authentic colors and realistic texture. Add to the adventure with the Jurassic World Facts app, where kids can scan the Carnotaurus and watch it come to life as they learn cool facts! In their hands, there’s no telling where the Control ’n Conquer Carnotaurus will next wreak havoc. Somebody warn the engineers at Jurassic World!