Kitten Catfé Series 1 Purrista

litter-ally their mew best friend

At the Kitten Catfé, expect a purrfect blend of pawsome feline fun and espurresso blends! Each Kitten Catfé Series 1 Purrista includes one of twelve tutu wearing kittos, each with five points of articulation, glittery eyes and removable hair! They also come with a recipe card, cat bed, one biscatti bag, a creamer cup, sweet packet and tea bag. Dunk the tea bag in cold water and reveal up to three meowables kittens then fill up the reusable cup with their favorite drink and take it to go! With a complete outfit, tiny friends and accessories, the Kitten Catfé gals are the cat’s meow! Whip up some super fun meowments with these pawsitively cute kitty friends!