LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course

it’s a me, LEGO Mario!

Bowser Jr. is up to no good and only Mario can stop him! The LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course is a 231-piece construction set that includes figures of Mario and Bowser Jr. and a Start Pipe, Goal Pole, cloud platform and question mark blocks along the way. But wait a second, there’s something a bit more going on here! Place two AAA batteries inside LEGO Mario and he’ll come to life! With LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly, LEGO Mario can display over 100 instant reactions to movement! Plus, he’ll play sound effects and music from the game as they jump and dash along the LEGO construction set. LEGO Mario will respond to the different play areas, collect coins as he stomps on LEGO Goombas and makes his way to the Goal Pole! They can customize the LEGO construction set or add expansion packs for even more ways to play, download the free LEGO Super Mario app for more ways to play. Wahoo!