Treasure X Aliens – Ultimate Dissection Playset

we are not alone

Six-legged creatures from somewhere deep in outer space have arrived on Earth. Fortunately, they’ve been caught and have been found safe to handle, actually they’re a ton of fun! The Treasure X Aliens – Ultimate Dissection Playset comes with everything they need to dissect the extraterrestrial vermin…and tons of surprises to find along the way. Each alien has a Treasure Hunter stuck inside its gut—it’s up to your kiddos to rescue them from the slime! There’s so much more to find, too. During their exploration they’ll find critters, treasure and accessories to turn the alien into a Treasure Hunter vehicle! Altogether there are 26 levels of dissection and gross outs galore! Now grab the tool, slice ’em open and have an out-of-this-world unboxing experience!