LEGO Hidden Side

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There’s some strange things going on in LEGO Hidden Side, but we’re sure your kiddos can take charge and lead the play with this spooky series of construction sets! Join Jack, Parker and J.B. as they uncover a ghoulish side to Newbury High School, a Shrimp Shack, Graveyard and more. Each LEGO Hidden Side set comes with surprises and ghosts galore! Download the free Hidden Side app and play in a whole new way! Catch ghosts that come flyin’ out from their construction set, grab some friends for multiplayer action and more. The LEGO Hidden Side series includes vehicles, buildings and eerie locations to get them in the mood for big adventures and loads of fun! Get building, get the app ready and grab some ghosts! There’s a lot of action to discover and explore for brave builders, so pick some up and see what fun shows itself from the Hidden Side.