Peppa Pig

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Peppa, George and the whole Peppa Pig family are so much fun to watch on TV, it was only natural to bring them into the world of toddler toys! Plush dolls that make oinking piggie sounds, imaginative play sets that take kids on pretend adventures are bound to become children’s favorites at playtime. Peppa Pig toys and figures inspire loads of creative fun. With Peppa Pig figures, your child can take Peppa, George Pig, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig all for a ride in the Peppa Pig Transforming Campervan! The figures are sold separately and when purchased together with the camper, there’s lots of role play fun on board. The Peppa Pig Camping Sleepover Playtime Set includes a tent and two sleeping bags, plus Peppa Pig and Rebecca Rabbit figures. Each figure is scaled to fit snugly inside their sleeping bag for a night under the stars!