Play-Doh How To: make an American flag

Glory, glory! In a few quick steps, they’ll have their very own Play-Doh American flag and Play-Doh flagpole. So let’s open up those red, white and blue Play-Doh cans and get started!

Hey, parents! Your littles worked hard to make an American flag, so why not show it off? Share their creation with us using #ShareThePlay, we can’t wait to see what they crafted!
Play-Doh how-to make an American Flag step one

mold flag base

The American flag is rectangular, so we took some white Play-Doh compound and spread it out into a rectangle. This acts as the base for our stars and stripes. We’ll use some more white Play-Doh compound to make stars, so keep it handy!

Play-Doh how-to make an American Flag step two

make stripes and background

Let’s work on the blue background for our Play-Doh stars. We made ours by molding blue Play-Doh compound into a square. Then we rolled red Play-Doh compound into cylinders at length of the flag, pressed down and turned ’em into stripes!

Play-Doh how-to make an American Flag step three

place the stars

With our Play-Doh stripes in place, we then placed the blue background in the upper left corner of the flag. We then rolled white Play-Doh compound into little balls to represent stars. Some more blue Play-Doh compound, rolled into a long cylinder, formed our Play-Doh flagpole…complete with a red Play-Doh ball on top!

Play-Doh how-to make an American Flag step four

our flag is complete!

With the flagpole attached to the flag, we’re all finished! This fun and simple activity gets their creativity flowin’ and shows just some of the possibilities with their Play-Doh. What else can they make? Oh, we know! Just about anything!