Play-Doh How-To: make a flowerpot

With the right play seeds, who knows what will bloom? With this Play-Doh How-To, we’ll show you how we make a Play-Doh flowerpot with a lovely flower inside—no rain or sunshine required! Let’s jump right in and get our Play-Doh garden started!

Hey, parents! Your littles worked hard to make a flower pot, so why not show it off? Share their creation with us using #ShareThePlay, we can’t wait to see what they crafted!
Play-Doh How-To: make a flowerpot step one

mold the flowerpot

We’ve used orange Play-Doh compound for our flowerpot, but they can use whatever color they’d like! First, roll it into a ball, then use a thumb to press out into a vase shape.

Play-Doh How-To: make a flowerpot step two

roll out and decorate

Take some more Play-Doh compound and roll out two cylindrical shapes that are approximately the width of the Play-Doh flowerpot. They can make them as thick or as thin as they’d like. These will be used to decorate their vase and should be long enough to create a pattern of their choosing.

Play-Doh How-To: make a flowerpot step three

decorate the flowerpot

One of those Play-Doh cylinders can be placed along the rim of the flowerpot. The other can be used on the flowerpot itself to stylize and make it as unique as they’d like! We used a wavy pattern for our flowerpot, but we bet they can make something even more creative!

Play-Doh How-To: make a flowerpot step four

complete the flowerpot

Roll out one more piece of Play-Doh into a thin cylinder shape and mold this to the bottom of the flowerpot. This will give the flowerpot some extra depth and secure the Play-Doh pattern they’ve created to the flowerpot. Hmm…what’s left to make?

Play-Doh How-To: make a flower

make a Play-Doh flower

We made a yellow flower, but your littles can make whatever flower they can dream up! To make one like ours, take some green Play-Doh compound and roll them into four cylinder shapes. Use one of the cylinders as a stem, then press down and stretch the others to create thick bases and thinner tips. Place these by the stem in your flowerpot.

Play-Doh How-To: make a flower

fun in full bloom!

The center of a flower is called a pistil, and we made ours using pink Play-Doh compound rolled into a ball. Now take some yellow Play-Doh compound and roll them into five balls. Press down to create petals, then attach them to the pink pistil. Place your flower on the stem and use the leaves to keep it upright. Wow, your Play-Doh flower is in full bloom!