Play-Doh Brand How-To: make a beach ball

They’re gonna have a ball with this simple Play-Doh brand project! This Play-Doh beach ball is colorful and fun—and you don’t have to inflate it at all! Just grab some blue, yellow, red and white Play-Doh cans to follow along below. This mini project is a shore hit, so ride the wave and make a beach ball in a few easy steps…it really is a breeze!

beach ball parts

We’re gonna need a whole lot of blue Play-Doh compound first, so roll it up into as big a ball as they want! Next, roll two red cylinders and two yellow cylinders. Flatten each into a diamond shape as pictured.

place the stripes

Lay the yellow and red stripes on the blue Play-Doh ball. Take some white Play-Doh compound and roll two small balls with it.

make the ends

Flatten the two white Play-Doh balls into a circular shape. Place each where the ends of the beach ball’s stripes meet.

play ball!

We’re sure their beach ball is a hit! Add a summer scene and place the beach ball on it, or use it as an accessory for their Play-Doh pals.