Play-Doh How-To: make pretend pancakes

Just open up some Play-Doh cans and start moldin’ to make pretend pancakes. We’ll show you how it’s done and then they can try their little hands at creating some silly stacks! You can follow along using the Play-Doh compound colors we’ve chosen, or get even zanier by adding different colors to make a truly unique creation!

make pretend pancakes

Let’s pop the top off some beige, brown and yellow Play-Doh cans. Mold some beige Play-Doh compound into flat circular shapes to form the pretend pancakes. Next, shape some brown Play-Doh compound into a star shape with rounded tips. Roll up some yellow into balls to start on our silly butter patties.

mold some silly syrup and butter

Stack those pretend pancakes so we can get goin’ on some silly syrup! Remember that brown star you made? Great! Now press it out so it will fit over the pretend pancakes and fall down the sides. Turn those yellow balls into squares by gently pressing down on them and flattening the sides to four points.

put it all together

We’ve got everything we need! Lay the flattened brown silly syrup over the pretend pancakes and gently press it to the sides. Place the Play-Doh butter patties on top for a completed look.

stacks on stacks!

Pretend pancakes are so simple to make and really show off their molding skills! This easy project is just one way to make pretend kitchen play more exciting. With more Play-Doh cans, they can make even more Play-Doh breakfast creations!