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The best way to get your child organized for school is by buying the right folders and binders. They start off the year with very little to go into it, but by the end of the first marking period, you can be sure that folder will be jam-packed with papers and notes! That’s why you’ll want to get multi packs of folders and student value packs. A value pack includes back to school essentials like folders, notebook, pencils, a pencil sharpener and even stickers all in one bundle. You can shop for themed or decorative folders. Shop and you’ll find lots of folders and binders to choose from. Looking for folders with zippers or a spiral-bound notebook? We’ve got them. You’ll also find designer folders with floral patterns, sports-themed school binders, colored folders, themed binders, tabbed folders and folders with pockets to hold all their school papers. A ringed portfolio helps to organize all their schoolwork, too. There’s sure to be one or a quite a few to fit your child’s style. Depending on the school grade, your child may need a 1” binder, a 2” binder or even a 3” inch binder with 3 rings. Think about homework organization, too. An expandable file organizer lets you organize by subject to make papers easily accessible. Whichever you choose, be sure to pair up the ring count with the papers and folders you purchase, and tab dividers for folders help students locate a subject with ease.