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Activities, tips and articles to find the wheels they want and the rides they’ll love!
kids bike handlebar streamers DIY for children

easy peasy handlebar streamers

When they’re ready to ride, let ‘em travel in style. Creating streamers isn’t as hard as you think, in fact, it’s downright easy peasy when you follow these steps!

kids tricycle buying guide

buying your child’s first tricycle

Their first ride? Whoa, big deal! Read all about the benefits of riding a tricycle and how you can choose one that’s perfect for your littlest riders!

bike ride bingo free printable for kids

bike ridin’ bingo

Ready to hit the road with the fam? Before you go, check out this 2-in-1 game! It’s a memory game and a bingo card!

balance bike buying guide for kids

balance bikes for kids

These bikes are off the chain…literally! Balance bikes teach ’em the basics of riding in a safe way. Take ’em to the next level of their biking journey, they’re so ready!

kids bike license plate DIY for kids

DIY bike license plate

Give ‘em a license to ride with this creative DIY. You and your little rider can spend some freewheelin’ time making a craft that’ll really go places.

kids bike buying guide

size-up their ride: bikes 12-20”

Which size bike is best for your kiddos…or yourself? Consider their level of riding experience and height when lookin’ for their first bike.

guide to kids bike safety and bike riding hand signals

bike riding hand signals

There’s nothing like that free-wheelin’ feeling you get when riding a bike. Let’s make sure that our rides are as safe as can be by learning bike riding hand signals.

bike safety and signals free printable for kids

bike safety hand signals

Make learning hand signals part of your child’s bike riding safety tips. In this printable, Geoffrey shows kids the proper signals, plus they can play a matching game and color the sheet.

bike safety and protective gear buying guide for bicycling

bike safety and riding safely

Helmets, pads and the right clothes aren’t just a good idea when riding a bike, they’re needed to keep the good times rollin’! Find their fit, style and more info here!

Geoffrey bike ride free printable coloring sheet for kids

Geoffrey bike coloring sheet

It’s a perfect day for a bike ride around the block! Grab the crayons and add some bright color to Geoffrey’s day.

skateboards and scooters for kids buying guide

cruisin’ on skateboards and scooters

We’re all decked out with cruisers, longboards and scooters! Maybe they want to learn some tricks or maybe they just wanna ride! Either way, you’ll find their next ride here.

kids wagons buying guide

hop into these sweet wagons

Whether they’re takin’ a ride or haulin’ some toys around the yard, a wagon is perfect for a day full of play. From toddlers on up, we’ve got a wagon for them!

kids push and pedal ride-on and riding toys buying guide

push and pedal with their first ride-on!

Get those littles behind the wheel and they’ll scoot, scoot, scoot! Introduce them to wheels with ride-ons they can push and steer themselves, or some that you control.

power wheels and powered ride-on riding toys buying guide

get charged up for powered ride-ons

Oh yeah, now they’re charged up! Powered ride-ons are every kid’s dream come true. 6-volt, 12-volt, which should you get? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.