Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Review

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Review

Why We Love It

  • Grows for 3 stages of play
  • Surprise features & accessories
  • Bilingual with 75+ sounds & phrases

ages   3 - 9 years

have a memory book ready ‘cause this baby’s growing up fast!

Seems like only yesterday she was a tiny infant and now she’s saying her first words! Playtime mommies and daddies will love watching how their Baby Alive Baby Grows Up doll changes with time. From infant to a talking baby to a big girl, each stage of this interactive, transforming doll needs TLC to help her grow. When she’s all grown up, kids can reset her back to the infant stage and play all over again!

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Baby Doll

3 stages of play

When she’s in her infant stage, little ones can feed her a bottle and give her cuddles. Eventually, she’ll kick off her swaddle and say her first words. With more interaction, she becomes a big kid right before their eyes!
Baby Alive Baby Grows Up Baby Doll

fun surprises along the way

There are six dolls to collect and each comes with surprises and accessories for each growing stage. When she grows to big kid stage, pull her hair to make it grow!