Barbie Color Reveal Foodie Themed Doll Review

Barbie Color Reveal Foodie Themed Doll Review

Why We Love It

  • magical color transformations
  • mystery bag surprises
  • unique food theme for each doll

ages   3 - 9 years

take a dip, Barbie, the water’s fine and full of surprises!

A whole new, colorful adventure awaits with the Barbie Color Reveal Foodie Series. Straight out of the package, she doesn’t look like any Barbie you’ve ever seen! But fill the tube with warm water, place the doll inside and swirl it around. The water will turn an amazing color and Barbie will emerge with all new features! Open the four blind bags to reveal fashion surprises and her food theme. For an extra surprise, a scented wig will match the yummy theme! Which food will you get? It could be donut, pizza, taco, popcorn or ice pops, but you won’t know which until you do the unboxing! The surprises continue when you use the heart-shaped sponge for even more color revealin’ fun. Place the sponge in ice cold water and then wipe Barbie’s eyes, lips and wig to reveal their color. The color can wipe off, too, to experience the wow factor over and over. When playtime’s over, clean-up time is easy – the tube stores Barbie and all the accessories.

barbie changes color like magic

changes color like magic

Warm water reveals Barbie's features. Dip the sponge in ice cold water and dab across her eyes, lips and hair to see the colors change!
barbie mystery food theme

mystery food theme

Each doll comes with a scented wig to reflect her unique food theme. The theme remains a mystery until her wardrobe and wig are revealed.