Barbie Face Mask Spa Day Review

Barbie Face Mask Spa Day Review

Why We Love It

  • face mask creator
  • lots of accessories
  • self-care theme

ages   4 - 9 years

ahhh, a spa day is just what Barbie wanted!

With so many careers, friends and trends to keep up with, Barbie needs a spa day! Hand her a comfy robe, towel and an eye mask, with cucumber slices, of course. While Barbie rests in a reclining chair, there are facial masks to be made. (Secret’s out, that’s why her skin is so perfect!) Draw on blemishes with the included pen; the mask will remove them like magic! This is the ultimate relaxation station for our fashion-forward friend. Oh, be sure to make two masks, ‘cause this spa pampers Barbie and her puppy!

barbie face mask day spa playset

face mask maker

The mask mold shapes the dough to fit Barbie’s face. There’s one for her dog, too! Any spots on Barbie’s face from the blemish-making marker are removed by the mask.
accessories for barbie day spa playset

accessories sized just right

Barbie and her dog receive a spa treatment, with face masks and eye masks that fit them both. Just like a real spa, a robe, towel and reclining chair are at-the-ready for Barbie’s relaxing day.