Barbie Dream Plane Review

Barbie Dream Plane Review

Why We Love It

  • Enough room for three Barbie dolls (sold separately)
  • 15 accessories for a smooth flight
  • Fun and imaginative play set

ages   3 - 7 years

please fasten your seatbelt, the next adventure’s about to take off!

The Barbie Dream Plane is almost two feet long and opens from the top and side to reveal seating for up to three of Barbie’s besties. The seats actually recline so Barbie and her friends can sleep on long flights, or watch the in-flight movie using toy headphones that come with the Dream Plane. There are 15 accessories that let kids play out any flying adventure, like the purple carryon luggage, storage bins, a food cart and food tray and a puppy travel companion with pet carrier. Like a real plane, this plane even has wheels to taxi around before takeoff or after landing. This toy comes with everything a child needs for an imaginative luxury jet adventure. Barbie dolls are sold separately.

carries Barbie and three of her friends

almost two feet long!

Talk about leg room! The Barbie Dream Plane is large enough to comfortably carry Barbie and up to three of her friends. With in-flight entertainment and a food cart, there’s lots to do on the way to their next adventure!
place carryon luggage in the overhead bin

fun travel accessories

Barbie and her friends are sure to have a great time wherever they go! Place their carryon luggage in the overhead bins, grab a snack from the food cart and safely transport a puppy pal in the pet carrier.